Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Production Week Countdown

Luke De Belder (Director) The stage is set, the lights are plotted, the actors are prepared, and there is less than a week until the first performance. As production week … Continue reading

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Working on the Scenic Stage

Jonny Glasgow (Assistant Director) In Lakshmi Srinivas’ analysis of early 20th Century master/servant relationships, she observes that phrases such as ‘the butler did it’ from a British detective novel, intended to … Continue reading

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Influences and Inspirations

  Luke De Belder (Director) Throughout our production, one of the key considerations has been the performance style we use. The first of these influences is, naturally, Garrick’s own performance … Continue reading

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Performing and Creating an Early Modern Farce

  Jonathan Glasgow (Assistant Director) Leslie Smith writes in Modern British Farce that one of the ‘functions’ of Farce is to establish the ‘vraisemblable’. That is to say, to establish what is … Continue reading

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Getting Started

  Luke De Belder (Director) From the start, I’ve felt that the themes explored by Garrick in this play – the tensions between wealth and poverty, the difficulties of courtship, … Continue reading

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