Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Miss In Her Teens

Follow the progress of the Miss in Her Teens cast and crew as we create our productions. The good, the bad and the ugly – it’ll all be posted on here!

  • “Getting Started” – summarising work of weeks 2,3,4 and 5 so far, initial ideas, visual concepts, artistic visions, preliminary research
  • “Performing and Creating an Early Modern farce” – challenges it presents, comic potential, expectations of Early Modern farce, traditions we’re regarding/disregarding
  • “Influences and Inspirations” what existing films, articles, past productions, actors, biogs, interviews, radio plays, posters, techniques, practitioners have you drawn upon
  • “Working on the Scenic Stage” – challenges on the scenic stage, possibilities, comparison to original performance space, final set plans, how to use foyer plans, history of the double bill in a theatre
  •  “Countdown to Performance” – count down with us in production week as we head closer to opening night

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