Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

A Dramaturg’s Perspective

Here you can explore the research our dramaturgs have been conducting. Historical, religious, social and political context have been incredibly influential to both rehearsals and design plans so we thought we’d share this information with you!

Meet our dramaturgical contributors…

Charlotte Squires:

Rosie Field:

Bex Panther:

  • Women in the 1920’s (During the 1920s women of all classes enjoyed greater personal independence than they or their predecessors had had before the war. However, the way they exercised those rights differed widely according to age, wealth, class and place of residence)
  • Traditions of Theatre in the 1920’s (From music halls to screwball comedy, this article explores how the British theatre scene evolved in the 1920s)

Jonathan Glasgow:

  • Master & Servant Relationships (Research on how the role of a servant has evolved and the historic significance of the comedy this character brings to the stage)
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