Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Production Week Begins

IMG_9917 small

Sarah Palmer

(Actor playing ‘Mrs Gadabout’)

We are now drawing even closer to the opening night and after a very successful technical run last night, we are all excited for our first dress complete with costume, hair and makeup afternoon. We may have been pushed back due to a few technical difficulties but we are making the most of this time by experimenting with hair and make-up in the dressing rooms. We are trying to create the 20’s style with the help of make up assistant Kat Ronson, who in some cases in attempting to make 20 year olds look 30 years older! Lots of talcum powder and dry shampoo needed! We are all very excited to get going with the tech and it is all coming together.

We have been focussing on bringing the ‘company’ to life in the recent rehearsals, and will be experimenting with this even more in this evenings rehearsal. We have been using a technique which aims to replicate the atmosphere created on talk shows like ‘Jerry Springer’. These shows involve their audiences and the viewer is able to hear their response to the action on stage. The company have been asked to commentate on the action on stage, shouting disapprovingly or cheering when they are in agreement. This exercise has helped create the sense of chaos in the final scene, whilst keeping the energy alive in the final scenes of the play. We have began to tone down the over-exaggerated responses and are becoming alot happier with the ‘company’ scenes.

Our costumes have now arrived and we are all eager to start rehearsing in full costume, bringing our characters to life even more!

Everyone get your tickets for this production and see all our hard work in it’s entirety!


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