Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Dress Rehearsal! 2 DAYS TO GO…

Our final day to rehearse before opening night tomorrow and the production is full steam ahead! After all costumes, wigs and props were delivered earlier in the week, today has called for all hands on deck as we complete the finishing touches.


costumeMany of the costumes for our production have been hired from local production houses, York Theatre Royal, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Dress Circle of York. Due to budget restrictions, this meant that we have only been able to physically get hold of the costumes this week so any amendments necessary have had to be done in the past 48 hours. These have included sizing changes, adding hems, fixing buttons and styling wigs so Hannah Wills and Cheri Darbon, (costume designers) have been hard at work to meet tomorrow night’s deadline.




Hair and makeup have also been additional elements introduced in the past few days. The cast of Miss in Her Teens have had to have their hair powered and styled before wigs are pinned to their heads as was the fashion in the early 1700’s, whilst the hairstyles of the 20’s require curling and setting all females hair before pinning it up.


hairAll of this pre-show preparation has taken longer than we originally planned and requires as many stage hands and helpers as possible to lend a hand. Considering this, the call times for the rest of the week have been brought forward to allow ample time for hair and makeup to be completed. Completed with period costumes, the characters on stage are bought to life adding further detail and energy to the world of Lovers and Liars.


emilyTickets can be purchased on the York Theatre Royal website, by emailing or from the TFTV department foyer at lunctimes this week.


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