Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Technical Rehearsal! 3 DAYS TO GO…

With three days to go, today we have completed all technical rehearsals. Lights and sound have been designed, plotted, rigged and focused providing an extra level of detail to the production. Despite a few hitches, (technology can work just as well against us, as with) the crew have dealt aptly with the delays. Together, the techinical teams from both plays have added atmosphere and texture to Garrick’s script. Our lighting technicians, (Harriet Cox, Ben Brummit, Elle Hoppe, Ruairidh Burras and Georgia Toon) have had to create both exterior and outside environments whilst sound technicians, (Mike Owen, Betty Sturt and Emma Gallacher) have added to the authenticity of these period pieces.


Today, they have been operating the technical aspects of the show from a lighting and sound desk situated at the back of the auditorium  They decided that sitting within the performance space rather than the tech box, would allow them to communicate quickly and easily with the directors and actors if issues occurred such as sound levels.


The technical team is completed with Claire Teece and Aisling Cheesman, the productions DSM’s (Deputy Stage Manager’s), whose job it is to ‘call’ the show. They have a copy of the script called a ‘book’ which has every technical cue and all stage management notes regarding props, set and blocking and from this script, they cue all crew via cannes. They ensure communication is withheld between FOH, backstage and technical operators so that the show runs smoothly and in synchronicity.


Tomorrow will be our final day of rehearsals and the sense of excitement is electric. It’s amazing how much energy lighting and sound can extract from performances!

Tickets can be purchased on the York Theatre Royal website, by emailing or from the TFTV department foyer at lunctimes this week.


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