Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Production week begins! 4 DAYS TO GO…

Finally, after weeks of preparation, production week is here! With 4 days to go before opening night, both casts and crews have been toiling away, day and night, to perfect the finishing touches to the production ready for curtain up on Thursday.

Today, we have officially taken over the Scenic Stage theatre and all set and props have been moved in ready for final rehearsals this week. With a raised stage, Renaissance furniture and endless crates and boxes, the world of Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill is infecting TFTV. Set designers Ronan Noble and Matt Short have managed to encompass the environment  of both 1747 and 1929 in one space – a task that seemed daunting, nigh impossible nine weeks ago! One of the major challenges however, has been the coalition and transition between two such different time periods, but Ronan and Matt have tried to keep some of the set features constant throughout. For example, the meticulously painted marble flooring and suggestive interior flats are used in both plays, a design feature planned with care and caution and thankfully, realised in the past few days.

(Click on the link below to watch a video of the set being erected)

With the help of our stage managers and stage hands, the set has been erected over the last week and today, the cast has been able to see and explore the physical embodiment of the designers visions. Although this has meant that the cast and crew have discovered various technical  issues (i.e. chairs must be positioned in the exact right place else the actor won’t be lit or how many stage hands are needed to remove street furniture during a scene transition), we still have the technical and dress rehearsals to iron out such details and concerns before opening night.

Tickets can be purchased on the York Theatre Royal website, by emailing or from the TFTV department foyer at lunctimes this week.


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