Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Working on the Scenic Stage

Millie Jones<br /><br /> (Actor playing 'Aunt')

Millie Jones

(Actor playing ‘Aunt’)

It is wonderful that we get to rehearse in the space that we will eventually perform in; once again we are spoilt by the department and the brand new building we study in. It means that we get to precisely practise our vocal performances on a daily basis, getting to know how best to fill the space and be heard, with the luxury of time to do so. We understand that most theatre productions have separate spaces in which to rehearse, so that it is only within a week or so of their first performance that the company get to move into the theatre. This could mean that the actors would have to acclimatise comparatively quickly to the performance conditions, whereas we have spent almost three years studying in this theatre, so hopefully it will work in our favour that we know it well.

We are getting to the stage of rehearsals where we are beginning to perform full run-throughs of the play. We had our first audience last week which was the cast and crew of The Lying Valet, as well as our own full company and most importantly, some of our lecturers! It was a bit scary performing it for an audience for the first time, however, it was a good experience. Getting the first performance out of the way means that we can now work on the smaller details of the play, safe in the knowledge that we know the big things, like our lines or where to stand (for the most part).

So this week has been about vocal training and the importance of this, especially in such a big theatre as the Scenic Stage. We have been practising exercises which will strengthen our articulation, projection and tone. Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman has proved an invaluable book for the group, and I have been using Cecily Berry exercises to strengthen the areas of my own voice which I know need working on. We have also been revisiting the text and clearing up any interpretations of it which have been lost in translation on the way. Charlotte, our internal dramaturg, has been excellent in providing information about a plethora of things and answering any question thrown at her, from etiquette to pronunciation of words.


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