Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars : A David Garrick Double Bill

Influences and Inspirations


Lauren Vereaux(Director)

Lauren Vereaux

We are looking at Commedia dell’arte this week to further actor physicality. Movement on stage in Farce has to be free flowing, exciting and playful. For the heavily corseted females movement is restricted and spontaneous movement is harder, so we are finding ways to help Biddy, Aunt and Tag be expressive.

For example, I have assigned each character in Miss in her Teens a Commedia dell’arte figure*:

  • Puff – Arlecchino (Harlequin)
  • Sir Simon – Pantalone (Mr Big Pants)
  • Captain and Biddy – Gli Innamorati (The Lovers)
  • Tag – Columbina (Little Dove)
  • Flash – Il Capitano (The Captain)
  • Jasper – Brighella (Brawler). Note: Jasper does not conform to this exact type but shares similar traits.

*With the exception of Fribble who is a reflection of an 18th Century Fop and the Aunt who shares the straight backed physicality of The Lovers.

We will be exploring using these stock characters and noting what particular qualities can be translated into Garrick’s characters.



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